Enjoy Spending Time Surrounded By Nature?

Mendoza Paving and Concrete, LLC can add cement walkways to your property in New Haven & Branford, CT

Hardscaping is the non-natural elements in any landscape design, such as walls, stone and walkways. It's also just as important to your property design as landscaping. Walkways add a lovely touch to any yard, and they make it easier to access plants and flowers. The crew at Mendoza Paving And Concrete LLC specializes in pouring cement walkways in New Haven & Branford, CT.

You'll love the way a walkway looks amongst your other landscaping components. Talk to our team about your project soon.

Creating beautiful spaces is our specialty

When you start planning your residential walkways, there are tons of options based on your current design aesthetic. The experienced crew from Mendoza Paving And Concrete can help you decide what you want. Our cement walkways come in many different:

  • Colors
  • Styles
  • Patterns

Work with our crew to install residential walkways through your property. Call 203-909-2250 now to start planning your walkways in New Haven & Branford, CT.