Enhance the Life of Your Asphalt

Set up an asphalt sealing service with Mendoza Paving and Concrete, LLC in New Haven, Branford and the surrounding areas in CT

After you've installed a beautiful parking lot or driveway, it's important to keep it protected from the elements and normal wear. You can do this through professional asphalt sealing. Mendoza Paving And Concrete LLC provides asphalt sealing services for asphalt pavement repair and protection in New Haven, Branford and the surrounding areas in CT.

We apply a liquid sealant coat to newly paved parking lots and driveways to ensure their longevity. This creates a professional look and makes your business appear presentable to new and returning customers.

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3 benefits of asphalt sealing

Whether you have a new or old parking lot or driveway, there are many benefits to asphalt sealing. You should consider scheduling service because asphalt sealing:

  • Protects your surface from the sun
  • Protects your surface from moisture damage
  • Promotes the longevity of your surface
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